Learn 100+ Easy Ways To Compliments In French For Any Occasion

Easy Ways To Compliments In French

One of the most basic yet crucial things every French learner needs to know is the different ways to compliments in French.

Giving and receiving compliments is an integral part of our lives. And knowing how to give & receive them makes all the difference. Every day you surely come across events where you want to compliment someone or something.

If you learn to praise correctly in French, it will show others how much you appreciate & respect the French language, culture, and people.

Apart from coming out as a charming person, learning to compliment others in the right way to make new friends.

It is one of the easiest & straightforward ways to build relationships with people. A sincere compliment can go a long way, as you can make other people feel appreciated & valued.

Thus, today we bring you this guide that will teach you more than a hundred ways to give beautiful Compliments In French.

Whether it is a woman, man, parent, child, partner, chef, or friend. We will ensure you shine away while speaking French.

What Are The Basic French Compliments?

The first step in learning to accolade someone in a new language is to start with the basics. This way, you are not overwhelmed by the language and can easily comprehend what you say.

French is not a tough language, but it sure does require consistent efforts & patience. Complimenting others in French daily can help you boost your learning, strengthen your communication skills, and show appreciation to others.

Learning large phrases at the beginning can take time and effort. Thus, we list some common yet easy French compliments expressions that you can use in various scenarios.

  1. You are very beautiful- Vous êtes très belle.
  2. It’s good- C’est bien.
  3. You are intelligent- Vous êtes intelligent(e).
  4. It’s excellent- C’est excellent.
  5. You are of great help- Vous êtes d’une grande aide.
  6. You are a true artist- Vous êtes un(e) vrai(e) artiste.
  7. You are really sweet- Vous êtes vraiment doux/douce.
  8. You are so patient- Vous êtes tellement patient(e).
  9. You are very insightful- Vous êtes très perspicace.
  10. You are incredibly talented- Vous êtes incroyablement talentueux/talentueuse.
  11. You are very funny- Vous êtes très drôle.
  12. It’s awesome- C’est genial!
  13. You are charming- Vous êtes charmant(e).
  14. My compliments- Mes compliments.
  15. You are inspiring- Vous êtes inspirant(e).
  16. You are a very generous person- Vous êtes une personne très généreuse.
  17. You are very brave- Vous êtes très courageux/courageuse.
  18. You are exceptional- Vous êtes exceptionnel(le).
  19. You have a beautiful smile- Vous avez un sourire magnifique.
  20. You are so lovable- Vous êtes tellement aimable.
  1. You have an incredible style- Vous avez un style incroyable.
  2. You are very creative- Vous êtes très créatif (Mas.)/créative (Fem.).

What Is The Difference Between “Tu Es” and “Vous Êtes”?

In French, both “tu es” and “vous êtes” mean “you are.” However, both of these phrases are used in totally different contexts.

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– “Tu es”

The “Tu es” is the French singular form of “You are.” You can use it to describe someone or something. The only catch is that you should use it with people you have friendly or informal relationships with.

A friend, family member, and a child are perfect examples of using this expression.

Also, the French use “tu es” when addressing someone younger than them or of equal or lesser status.

For Example:

  • You are very beautiful today- Tu es très belle aujourd’hui.

– “Vous êtes”

“Vous êtes” is a French plural phrase that means “you are” in English. 

The pronoun “vous” addresses someone in a formal setting or when referring to multiple people simultaneously. 

It is the ideal phrase to use when talking to unfamiliar people like a stranger, someone older than you, or an authority figure.

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Also, you would use “vous êtes” when addressing someone of higher status than you, like your boss.

For Example:

  • You are very kind – Vous êtes très gentil.

You need to remember that in some French-speaking cultures & countries, “tu” may be used even with people that are not necessarily close friends or family.

Do good research before visiting such places to ensure you use the phrases correctly.

How To Compliment In French To A Woman?

If you wish to compliment a woman in a way that she remembers you distinctively over the others, using French is the sure way.

French is one of the best ways to show elegance and praise others without appearing too strong or weird.

Check out some of the best compliments you can give a woman in French:

  1. Tu es belle – You are beautiful.
  2. Tu es élégante – You are elegant.
  3. Tu as une personnalité rayonnante – You have a radiant personality.
  4. Tu es tellement intelligente – You are so intelligent.
  5. Tu as de la classe – You have class.
  6. Tu es très douce – You are very sweet.
  7. Tu as un charme fou – You have an amazing charm.
  8. Tu as un sourire éblouissant – You have a dazzling smile.
  9. Tu es une femme forte et inspirante – You are a strong and inspiring woman.
  10. Tu es très talentueuse – You are very talented.

How To Compliment In French To A Man?

Complimenting others can be daunting for some people, especially regarding the same gender. Flattery should be short, direct, and convey your true feelings without making others uncomfortable.

So, whether you are a woman or a man, use these phrases to compliment a guy and show your excellent French skills.

  1. Tu es beau – You are handsome.
  2. Tu es élégant – You are elegant.
  3. Tu as une personnalité charismatique – You have a charismatic personality.
  4. Tu es tellement intelligent – You are so intelligent.
  5. Tu es très cultivé – You are very cultured.
  6. Tu es très gentil – You are very kind.
  7. Tu as un sourire éblouissant – You have a dazzling smile.
  8. Tu es un homme fort et inspirant – You are a strong and inspiring man.
  9. Tu es très talentueux – You are very talented.

How To Admire In French To A Partner? – Basic French Compliments

Love is the most amazing feeling in the world. If you want to ensure the honeymoon period in your relationship never ends, do not stop praising your partner. Complimenting your partner occasionally will let them know they are loved & appreciated.

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Here are some phrases you can use to showcase your love for your soulmate.

  1. Tu es mon amour – You are my love.
  2. Tu es mon tout – You are my everything.
  3. Tu es ma moitié – You are my other half.
  4. Tu es le plusbeau/la plus belle à mes yeux – You are the most beautiful to my eyes.
  5. Tu me fais rire et sourire chaque jour – You make me laugh and smile every day.
  6. Tu me complètes – You complete me.
  7. Je suis chanceux(se) de t’avoir dans ma vie – I am lucky to have you in my life.
  8. Tu es mon roc – You are my rock.
  9. Tu me fais sentir aimé(e) et apprécié(e) – You make me feel loved and appreciated.
  10. Tu es mon âme sœur – You are my soulmate.

How To Compliment In French To A Friend?

Friends are an integral part of our life. It is hard to go even a day without them.  So, if you have people whom you can count on, never shy away from showing them how much to love & appreciate having them.

To show your sincerity with a twist, you can compliment your friend in French by using some easy expressions mentioned below:

  1. Tu es un(e) ami(e) fidèle – You are a loyal friend.
  2. Tu es toujours là pour moi – You are always there for me.
  3. Tu as un grand cœur – You have a big heart.
  4. Tu es très généreux(se) – You are very generous.
  5. Tu es si drôle – You are so funny.
  6. Tu es une personne vraiment spéciale – You are a truly special person.
  7. Tu es toujours prêt(e) à aider les autres – You are always ready to help others.
  8. Tu es un(e) ami(e) très précieux(se) – You are a very precious friend.
  9. Tu es un(e) vrai(e) confident(e) – You are a true confidant.
  10. Je suis chanceux(se) de t’avoir comme ami(e) – I am lucky to have you as a friend.

How To Compliment In French To Parents?

Parents are the rock on which we build our entire life. They are the people who stood by us in all of our miseries and ensured nothing bothered us throughout our life.

If you wish to show your parents how much they mean to you and how much you love them, use French to show your sincerity & gratitude.

  1. Vous êtes les meilleurs parents du monde – You are the best parents in the world.
  2. Vous avez toujours été là pour moi – You have always been there for me.
  3. Vous êtes des parents formidables – You are amazing parents.
  4. Vous êtes des modèles pour moi – You are role models for me.
  5. Je suis fier/fière d’être votre enfant – I am proud to be your child.
  6. Vous m’avez appris tant de choses – You have taught me so many things.
  7. Vous êtes des parents aimants et bienveillants – You are loving and caring parents.
  8. Vous êtes des parents qui inspirent la confiance – You are parents who inspire confidence.
  9. Vous êtes des parents qui ont toujours cru en moi – You are parents who have always believed in me.
  10. Merci d’être les meilleurs parents que je puisse avoir – Thank you for being the best parents I could ever have.

How To Compliment In French To A Child?

The best way to encourage a child to do well is to appreciate them for what they do. Whether drawing a painting, taking medicine, or simply sitting quietly.

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A single praise can go a long for those little munchkins. Kids love getting compliments.

And now, you can learn to do so in French by using the following phrases.

  1. Tu es très courageux/courageuse!- You are very brave!
  2. Tu as un grand cœur et tu es toujours gentil/gentille avec les autres! – You have a big heart and you are always kind to others!
  3. Tu es très créatif/créative et j’adore voir toutes les belles choses que tu as crées- You are very creative and I love seeing all the beautiful things you create.
  4. Superbe! ( sue pearb)- Superb!
  5. C’est beau! (say boh)- That’s beautiful!
  6. Magnifique! (ma nyee feek)- Magnificent!
  7. Merveilleux! ( mar vay yeh)- Marvelous!
  8. Impressionnant! (im press ee oh nohn)- Impressive!
  9. Chouette! (shoe ette)- Terrific!
  10. Bon travail!- Great work!
  11. Très bien fait! (tray bee n- nasal- fay)- Well done!
  12. J’adore ça! (jha door sah)- I love it!
  13. Je suis fier (fière) de toi!- I am proud of you!
  14. Fantastique! (fohn ta steek)- Fantastic!
  15. Incroyable! (En –nasal- craw jah bluh)- Unbelievable!
  16. Chapeaux! (shah poe)- Congratulations!
  17. C’est mieux! (say me eh)- That’s better!
  18. Formidable! (for me dah bluh)- Wonderful!

How To Give Romantic Compliments In French?

If you wish your date to go well or ensure your crush accepts your proposal, you must strengthen your romantic compliments game.

Saying nice compliments at the right time can boost your chances of having a great romantic date or dinner.

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Whether you just started dating or are in a relationship for a long time, or are married to your partner, a romantic compliment is the best way to keep the spark alive.

  1. Je suis fou/folle de toi – I’m crazy about you
  2. Tu es la lumière de mes yeux – You are the light of my eyes
  3. Tu es la plus belle chose qui me soit arrivée – You are the most beautiful thing that ever happened to me.
  4. Tu me rends heureux/heureuse – You make me happy
  5. Tu es tout ce dont j’ai besoin dans la vie – You are everything I need in life
  6. Ton sourire me fait fondre – Your smile melts me
  7. Tu es la personne la plus douce que je connaisse – You are the sweetest person I know
  8. J’adore ta façon de penser – I love your way of thinking
  9. Tu es mon ange gardien – You are my guardian angel
  10. Tu me fais fondre – You make me melt
  11. Tu es mon tout – You are my everything
  12. Ton sourire me rend heureux/heureuse – Your smile makes me happy
  13. Tu es magnifique, à l’intérieur comme à l’extérieur – You are beautiful, inside and out
  14. Tu me rends meilleur/meilleure – You make me a better person
  15. Je ne peux pas imaginer ma vie sans toi – I cannot imagine my life without you
  16. J’aime ton sourire – I like/love your smile
  17. Tu es beau (Tu es belle) – You are handsome (beautiful)
  18.  Tu es l’amour de ma vie – You are the love of my life
  19. Tu es superbe – You look beautiful
  20. Tu danses bien – You dance well
  21. Tu as de beaux yeux – You have beautiful eyes
  22. Tes yeux sont comme des étoiles qui brillent dans le ciel – Your eyes are like stars that shine in the sky

French language and French people are all about etiquette. Complimenting the host when invited to dinner is one of the most crucial parts of French etiquette.

So, whether dining out in a restaurant or at someone’s house, you should compliment the chef or the host if you like the food.

Here are some ways you can show your satisfaction after eating a fulfilling meal:

  1. Ce plat est délicieux or simply  c’est délicieux »– This dish is delicious
  2. C’est absolument divin – It’s absolutely divine
  3. J’adore cette recette – I love this recipe
  4. Le goût est incroyable – The taste is incredible
  5. C’est succulent – It’s succulent
  6. Je me régale – I’m having a feast
  7. C’est délicieux! – It’s delicious!
  8. C’est excellent! – It’s excellent!
  9. Quelle merveille! – What a marvel!
  10. C’est divin! – It’s divine!
  11. C’est un vrai régal ! – It’s a real treat!
  12. Les saveurs se marient parfaitement – The flavors blend perfectly
  13. C’est un véritable festin pour les papilles – It’s a real feast for the taste buds
  14. Je n’ai jamais goûté quelque chose d’aussi bon – I’ve never tasted something as good
  15. Ce plat est un vrai délice – This dish is a real delight
  16. Vous êtes un chef talentueux – “You are a talented chef.”
  17. Les saveurs sont incroyables – “The flavors are incredible.”
  18. Je ne peux pas arrêter de manger – “I can’t stop eating.”
  19. Tout est parfaitement assaisonné – Everything is perfectly seasoned
  20. La présentation est magnifique – The presentation is beautiful
  21. J’adore les ingrédients que vous avez utilisés – I love the ingredients you used
  22. Vous avez un vrai don pour la cuisine – You have a real gift for cooking
  23. Je me sens comme si j’étais en France en mangeant ça – I feel like I’m in France while eating this
  24. C’est parfait! – It’s perfect!
  25. On se régale! – We’re having a feast!
  26. Les saveurs sont bien équilibrées – The flavors are well-balanced
  27. Les ingrédients sont frais et de qualité – The ingredients are fresh and of high quality

How To Give And Receive Compliments In French At Work?

French people like to get pat on the back on a well-done job. It does not matter what the task is. The only crucial thing is that they are praised for doing something good.

French natives place a high value on manners & formalities, especially in formal situations. Giving and receiving commendations at work can help build positive relationships with coworkers and a positive work environment.

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Praising clients, colleagues, and customers makes them feel appreciated, and you can see more dedication in work.

You can start giving compliments to others at the workplace by using some of the ideas below:

  1. Ton travail est impressionnant – Your work is impressive
  2. Tu as fait du bon travail – You did a good job
  3. Ton travail est exceptionnel – Your work is exceptional
  4. Vous êtes un(e) collaborateur(trice) précieux(se) – You are a valuable collaborator
  5. Vous avez un sens de l’organisation incroyable – You have an incredible sense of organization
  6. Ton travail est de grande qualité – Your work is of great quality
  7. Tu as accompli quelque chose de remarquable – You’ve achieved something remarkable!
  8. Tu as fait un excellent travail – You did an excellent job
  9. Ton travail est incroyablement bien réalisé – Your work is incredibly well-done
  10. Votre professionnalisme est remarquable – Your professionalism is remarkable
  11. Vous êtes très compétent(e) dans votre domaine – You are very competent in your field
  12. Tu es vraiment doué(e) dans ce que tu fais – You are really gifted in what you do
  13. Vous êtes très doué(e) pour résoudre des problèmes – You are very talented in problem-solving
  14. Ton travail est vraiment impressionnant, bravo! – Your work is really impressive, congratulations
  15. Très bon travail – Very good job
  16. Merci de votre travail acharné – Thank you for your hard work

How To Reply To A Compliment In French?

Apart from learning how to compliment others, you must also learn how to respond when you get one.

Complimenting is a two-way street. You need to be ready to compliment others and thank others for the compliments they give you.

While responding to a compliment, you must ensure you do not sound too proud or unsure. You should never dismiss a compliment.

Learn how to gracefully accept a compliment and reply accordingly using some of the phrases mentioned below:

  1. Merci, c’est gentil – Thank you, that’s kind of you
  2. C’est gentil de votre part – That’s kind of you
  3. Merci beaucoup, ça me touche – Thank you very much; that touches me
  4. Vous êtes trop aimable – You are too kind
  5. Oh, merci, c’est vraiment sympa de ta part – Oh, thank you, that’s really nice of you
  6. C’est très encourageant – That’s very encouraging
  7. Vous me faites rougir – You make me blush
  8. Je suis flatté(e), merci – I’m flattered, thank you
  9. Merci, ça me fait vraiment plaisir – Thank you, that really makes me happy
  10. Merci, je suis content(e) que tu l’apprécies – Thank you, I’m glad that you appreciate it
  11. Ça me touche énormément – That touches me deeply
  12. C’est très gentil à toi de dire ça, merci – It’s very kind of you to say, thank you
  13. Je suis touché(e) – I am touched
  14. Oh, c’est adorable, merci! – Oh, that’s adorable; thank you!
  15. Merci beaucoup – “Thank you very much.” This is a simple and polite way to acknowledge the compliment.

Merci, ça me fait vraiment plaisir – Thank you, that really pleases me

Top FAQs About Compliments In French For A Girl

What are compliments in French?

Compliments in French are expressions of admiration, appreciation, or praise towards someone or something.

Some common French compliments include “Vous êtes très beau/belle” (you are very handsome/beautiful), “Vous êtes très talentueux/talentueuse” (you are very talented), “Vous êtes très gentil(le)” (you are very kind), “Vous avez un grand cœur” (you have a big heart), “Vous êtes très intelligent(e)” (you are very intelligent), and “Vous avez beaucoup de charme” (you have a lot of charm).

How to give and receive compliments at work?

Giving and receiving compliments at work can be a great way to build relationships and boost morale. Here are some tips on how to give and receive compliments at work:

While Giving compliments:
Be sincere: Make sure your compliment is genuine and specific to the person and their work.
• Focus on the positive: Instead of criticizing what a person did wrong, focus on what they did right.
Be specific: The more specific your compliment is, the more meaningful it will be. Instead of saying, “good job,” say, “I really appreciate how you handled that difficult situation.”
Be timely: Don’t wait too long to give a compliment. Try to give it as soon as possible after the person has done something noteworthy.
Use appropriate language: Keep your language professional and appropriate for the workplace.

While Receiving compliments:
Accept the compliment graciously: Say “thank you” and acknowledge the person’s kind words.
• Don’t deflect or minimize the compliment: Avoid saying things like “it was nothing” or “I could have done better.”
Ask for clarification: If you’re unsure what the person means by their compliment, ask for clarification. This can help you understand what you did well and how you can improve in the future.
Return the compliment: If appropriate, you can return the compliment to the person who gave it to you.
Be mindful of cultural differences: Complimenting practices may vary across cultures, so it’s important to be aware of this and adjust accordingly.

How to share the credit in French?

There will be times when you get complimented for doing or achieving something.

In such a scenario, you should not indulge in a compliment battle and answer genuinely.

However, you should always give credit where it is due and accept the compliment while sharing the credit.

For example, you successfully got a new project at work. So, when everyone around is congratulating & praising you, it would be right if you share the credit with your team or contributors.

You can say “Rien de tout ça n’aurait été possible sans mon équipe” which means “None of this would have been possible without my team.”

Remember that sharing credit is an important aspect of teamwork and collaboration. It helps build a positive work environment where everyone’s contribution is valued.

You can be sharing with a single person or many people. The right thing to do is acknowledge them for their help & support.

How to compliment someone’s attire in French?

Complimenting someone’s attire is a great way to show appreciation for their personal style and fashion sense.

You can either be direct about the particular look a person is carrying or compliment them in general for how they carry themself.

Here are some easy ways to compliment someone’s attire in French:

Vous êtes très élégant(e) – “You are very elegant.”
This is a simple and classic compliment to describe someone’s attire.

J’adore votre tenue – “I love your outfit.”
This is a versatile compliment that can describe any type of clothing.

Vos vêtements vous vont très bien – “Your clothes suit you very well.”
This compliment highlights how the clothing complements the person wearing it.

Vous avez un très bon goût vestimentaire – “You have a great sense of style.”
This compliment acknowledges the person’s fashion sense and personal style.

Vous êtes très chic aujourd’hui – “You look very chic today.”
This compliment specifically describes someone who is stylish and fashionable.

J’aime beaucoup votre robe/chemise/pantalon – “I really like your dress/shirt/pants.”
This is a more specific compliment that focuses on one particular item of clothing.

How to compliment someone’s personality in French?

Complimenting someone’s personality is a great way to show appreciation for their character and qualities.

It can help strengthen relationships and build rapport with others. Genuine praise makes the other person feel happy, appreciated, and loved.

Here are some ways to compliment someone’s personality in French:

Vous êtes très sympathique – “You are very friendly.”
This simple and classic complement describes someone who is easy to talk to and approachable.

Vous êtes très généreux/généreuse – “You are very generous.”
This compliment highlights someone’s kind and giving nature.

Vous êtes très courageux/courageuse – “You are very courageous.”
This compliment acknowledges someone’s bravery and willingness to face challenges.

Vous êtes très drôle – “You are very funny.”
This is a compliment for someone with a great sense of humor. Plus, who can easily make others laugh.

Vous êtes très intelligent/intelligente – “You are very intelligent.”
This is a compliment for someone smart and knowledgeable.

Vous êtes très bienveillant/bienveillante – “You are very kind-hearted.”
This compliment acknowledges someone’s caring and compassionate nature.


Using compliments in French is one of the easiest and best ways to show others how much you appreciate what they do or say.

Praising someone for how they dress, look, cook, or how intelligent or smart they are, or for the help they provided you, or the great job they did at work, can help you build strong relationships.

A little pat on the back in any scenario, whether casual, romantic, or official, helps in building a positive environment & strong bonds.

These 100+ ways to accolade others in different scenarios will help you take your French game to the next level.

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