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Ccube is an online platform dedicated to helping people learn the exotic language “French.”

French is one of the most spoken languages in the world and is not just limited to France. And it is perceived as the language of love, class, and elegance.

Over the years, this language’s popularity has increased so much that even schools are teaching it as an extracurricular subject. Learning a new language can be tricky. But not anymore. With Ccube, you can learn to write and speak French more simply.

We aim to help anyone interested in learning this extravagant language with our compelling writing.

So, if you have a high-end knowledge of the French Language and want to share your knowledge with others, this platform is for you.

What To Write For Us?

We aim to make the new language learning experience for our readers simple, easy, and hassle-free.

You can write articles that focus on the different levels of learning.

You can write about language grammar, conversation, guides regarding writing, reading, pronunciation & more.

All you need to ensure is that whatever you write for us, it should be easy to comprehend and navigate by our readers.

You Can Benefit From “Writing For Us”

Opting to the world on the internet and writing & publishing content related to your niche will only benefit you if you reach the right audience.

Say you have a niche in Cryptocurrency. Then writing for a website that talks about beauty care will not benefit you. Thus, it would help to look for sites promoting the same niche as yours.

So, if you are a French language nerd who can help others learn this exquisite language, Ccube is the space for you. As we said earlier, we can help you reach out to the audience who care about similar things as you.

If you love to showcase your proficiency in French writing & speaking, we will connect you to those who want to learn this language. With us, you will reach the people interested in reading your writing.

We have a strong network of audience interested in the French language only. CCube Academy does not entertain people with other interests and protects our contributors.

While writing for CCube Academy, you can build a strong & loyal fanbase for yourself. Not only this, with people discussing & sharing your articles across various social media platforms will provide you more visibility over the internet.

Another perk we offer to our contributors is that if you become a success among our readers, we might take you on board as one of our regular contributors.

“Guest Post” Ideas We Can Work With

CCube Academy is an exclusive blog dedicated to French language learning. Thus, anything you write for us needs to be only related to this niche.

Anything non-related to our base is not acceptable to us. So, please ensure you have understood what we want from our contributors before you begin writing.

Check out the different “ideas” you can explore for us:

  • French alphabets, their names, pronunciation
  • An easy guide helping readers make a timetable for learning
  • Scenarios with dialogues that help readers to converse and speak
  • How to read & pronounce words
  • Writing guide
  • Tips to start, boost skills & more.

All we want from writers like you is to come up with unique ideas and make learning easy & fun for our readers.

Below is the list of “Types Of Articles” you can write for us. Remember, anything out of this context is not acceptable to us.

  • Write for Us + French Coaching
  • Write for Us + How To Prepare For French Language Exam
  • Write for Us + Learning French Online
  • Write for Us + Best platforms to learn french
  • Write for Us + How to download french sample papers
  • Write for Us + Learning french alphabets
  • Write for Us + French pronunciation
  • Write for Us + Things required to learn french
  • Write for Us + Beginner’s guide to learning french

And more…

“Writing Guidelines” You Can Not Avoid

CCube Academy is excited & thrilled to ask our fellow writers to contribute to our purpose of providing knowledgeable content to our viewers who are serious about learning the French language.

However, we have a set of certain rules & qualification criteria that you need to meet to get accepted by us.

Our readers are our topmost priority, and we want anything but the best for them. So, anything you submit to us needs to be up to the expectations of our readers.

We hate to turn down the contributors, but we do not compromise our quality level.

Thus, if you want to ensure your article gets published on our platform, it should be as per our guidelines & criteria mentioned below:

  • Your content should be well-researched and mainly focus on our french learning niche.
  • The submitted works should be original. It should not be available anywhere, even on your website.
  • Plagiarism & copyright infringements are not permissible. You can be banned for such an activity.
  • Your writing language should be easy enough to comprehend by anyone reading the article. Going for expert-level writing will do no good to us.
  • The length of your article should be between 800-1000 words.
  • You are free to use SEO-related keywords in your writing, but not more than two. Furthermore, they will be published only after getting reviewed by our team.
  • We want you to submit two related images for publishing along with the blog. Our team will choose the most suited as per their knowledge.
  • You are free to promote your published article on your socials & websites.
  • The team of CCube reserves the right to review & edit all the submitted contents we find suitable for our site before publishing.
  • CCube also reserves the right to remove your content without giving any prior warning or explanation.
  • Our platform is a way for you to get exposure. If you write for us, it means you are willingly doing the task. There will be no revenue for published articles.

Easy To Comprehend “Proposition Guidelines”

If you want to ensure anything you write for us reaches us, you must avoid making submission mistakes. We understand how silly mailing mistakes can be. But we were hoping you could follow a particular format that would make us open your submission in the first place.

One of the biggest reasons most people do not get their articles published with us is that they do not follow our submission guidelines. Do not get discouraged by our usage of the term “guidelines.” We have a set of instructions that we want you to follow.

Ccube has one of the simplest article submission processes that will take less than a minute for you to complete.

We want you to submit 2-3 samples of your work related to our niche at [email protected]

If we like what you offer, you will receive an official email asking you to write for our platform & audience. You can then submit your work by replying to that particular email with the subject line: “Guest Post Proposition: Article Topic.”

As an online community platform, we want our future contributors to understand that Ccube is thrilled to receive your work submissions.

However, not every submission passes our criteria for getting published. So, if you have not received an official email from our team asking you to write for us, you are not selected.

Please understand that we do not accept any unsolicited guest post articles.

Also, after we request an article from you and it does not get published, it is because you could not follow our writing guidelines properly.

Top explanations why your submission is not selected:

  • Your submitted content turns out to be plagiarized.
  • You are the true owner of the content, but it already exists on the internet.
  • The article shows no link to our niche or the mentioned subject line.
  • Your writing tone was not acceptable to us & our audience. A bad tone constitutes bad writing for us.
  • Lastly, you could not maintain the word & SEO keywords usage limit.