Explore 70+ Easy French Vocabulary To Use At The Airport – A Beginner Guide

French vocabulary to use at the airport

If you plan to visit one of the 29 French-speaking countries in 2023, you must focus on learning French vocabulary to use at the airport.

The one thing worse than getting stuck at an airport is getting stuck in an airport where you do not speak the local language.

Most airport staff speak another language or two, but you cannot be sure they will speak yours.

Thus, to ensure you keep your way around the airport and can get answers to your queries, you need to learn the local language to a level where you can communicate well.

In your French learning, you must know more than happy birthday wishes and other greetings in French.

Thus, today we will help you boost your vocabulary by exploring the most common & must-know French airport words and other related phrases to ensure you have pleasant travel.

Explore These 70+ French Vocabulary To Use At The Airport

The airport in itself is a significant entity. Knowing how to say good evening or good morning in French is not enough.

You should be able to buy tickets, make baggage claims, talk about your luggage, check-in, ask for directions in French, and more.

Not only this but on a long flight to & back to a French-speaking country, you are bound to interact with your flight attendants & co-passengers.

Thus, to ensure the moment you step your feet at the airport till you sit on your flight, everything goes as smoothly as butter, you need to master all the airport-related vocabulary.

To help you understand and learn better, we have broken the airport French vocabulary for beginners into 9 parts. This way, you will understand each component much better.

Learn The Basic Airport Vocabulary in French

You will require to know the directions in French to hail a taxi for the airport and then move around the airport after reaching it. This is crucial if you are in a foreign land and do not wish to miss your flight.

To ensure you communicate your destination well to the taxi driver and get to the right counter at the airport, you will need to make yourself familiar with the basic airport vocabulary mentioned below:

  • Airline- Une Compagnie aérienne
  • Airplane- Un avion
  • Airport- Un aéroport
  • Airport Security- Sécurité de L’aéroport
  • Arrival Hall- Le Hall d’arrivée
  • Arrivals- Les arrivées
  • Baggage Claim- La livraison des bagages
  • Canceled- Annulé
  • Cart- Un chariot
  • Check-In- L’enregistrement
  • Check-In Counter- Un guichet d’embarquement
  • Customs- La douane
  • Delayed- En retard
  • Departure Hall- Le hall de départ
  • Departures- Les départs
  • Domestic/Internal Flights- Vols intérieurs
  • Duty-Free-Une Boutique Hors Taxes / Un Duty-Free
  • Flight- Un Vol
  • Gate- Une Porte
  • International Flights- Vols internationaux
  • On Time – À l’heure
  • Runway- Une piste
  • Shuttle- Une navette
  • Terminal- Un terminal

Airport Ticket And Travel Document Vocabulary In French

The first step in airport exploration is buying an airplane ticket. Presently, most people do this task online. 

But there is no harm in knowing the words as you may need to use them during your airport journey.

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Below we have listed all the essential words related to buying a plane ticket and all the related travel documents.

  • Aisle Seat- Siège Côté Couloir
  • Boarding Pass- Une carte d’embarquement
  • Business Class- Classed’affaire
  • Economy (Coach) Class- Classeéconomique
  • First Class- Première classe
  • Middle Seat- Siège du milieu
  • One-Way Ticket- Unaller simple.
  • Passport- Un passeport
  • Plane Ticket- Le billet d’avion
  • Round Trip Ticket- Un billet Aller-Retour
  • To buy a ticket- Acheter un billet
  • To make a reservation- Faire une réservation
  • Visa- Un visa
  • Window Seat- Siège fenêtre

Airport Luggage & Baggage Vocabulary In French You Should Know

After you have bought your tickets, it is time you focus on your luggage. You need to decide on which kind of baggage you will be taking.

You must learn about luggage in French, as you may have to talk about it at the airport, especially during check-in.

To ensure you are saying everything right, explore the luggage & baggage-related vocabulary in French.

  • Baggage- Les bagages
  • Baggage Claim- Récupération des bagages
  • Carry-On Luggage/ •Hand Luggage – Le bagage à main
  • Checked Luggage- Les bagages enregistrés/ Bagages en soute
  • Travel Bag- Le sac de voyage
  • Suitcase- La valise
  • Backpack- Le sac à dos
  • Carry-On Bag- Le sac de cabine
  • Luggage Cart- Le chariot
  • Luggage Locker- Le casier à bagages
  • Baggage Carousel- La bande de récupération des bagages
  • Baggage Weight- Le poids des bagages
  • Baggage Weight Limit- La limite de poids des bagages
  • Excess Baggage- L’excédent de bagages
  • Baggage Allowance- La franchise de bagages
  • Luggage Tag- L’étiquette à bagages
  • Customs Check- Le contrôle des douanes

Airport Check-In Vocabulary & Pronunciation In French

If you have never traveled via airways, you may not know what “check-in” means.

The airport check-in process helps travelers or passengers confirm they have taken the right flight to their destination, possibly select their seat (if the airline allows), get a boarding pass, and check in their luggage onto the plane (if desired).

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Nowadays, check-ins can be done through mobile phones to make the process hassle-free.

Learn the following French vocabulary to get through the check-in counter at the airport.

  • Check-In- L’enregistrement
  • Check-In Counter- Le comptoir d’enregistrement
  • To Land- Atterrir
  • To Disembark, To Deplane- Débarquer
  • To Declare- Déclarer
  • To Take Off- Décoller
  • To Board, Embark- Embarquer
  • To Check Bags- Enregistrer (les bagages)
  • Landing- L’atterrissage
  • Boarding- L’embarquement
  • Check-In- L’enregistrement
  • Immigration- L’immigration
  • Boarding Pass- La carte d’embarquement
  • Customs- La douane
  • Security Check – Le contrôle de sécurité
  • Takeoff- Le décollage
  • Carry-On Luggage- Les bagages à main
  • Checked-In Baggage- Les bagages enregistrés/ Les baggages en soute
  • Flight Number- Numéro de vol
  • To Recover Your Luggages- Récupérer les bagages
  • Stopover- Une escale
  • Gate- Une porte

Learn Airport “Security-Check” Vocabulary In French

After checking in your baggage, the next step towards boarding your flight is the security check. The staff will check your belongings in the baggage and on you to ensure there is no threat.

It is a must-do step that you cannot avoid. The lines can be long depending on the airport & time of the day. So, you need to be patient. At the security check, you might be asked to remove items like shoes, belts, jackets, & more. 

Thus, learn the French vocabulary you might need at the security check at the airport.

  • Security check- Le contrôle de sécurité
  • Metal detector- Le détecteur de métaux
  • X-ray scanner- Le scanner à rayons X
  • Belt- La ceinture
  • Shoes- Les chaussures
  • Jacket- La veste
  • liquids- Les liquides
  • clear plastic bag- Le sac en plastique transparent
  • Passport control- Le contrôle des passeports
  • Customs check- Le contrôle des douanes
  • Body search- La fouille corporelle
  • Prohibited items- Les objets interdits
  • Identity check- Le contrôle d’identité
  • Carry-on luggage- Les bagages à main
  • Baggage scanner- Le scanner de bagages
  • Liquids check- Le contrôle des liquides
  • Metal objects- Les objets métalliques
  • Electronic devices- Les appareils électroniques
  • Cosmetic products- Les produits cosmétiques
  • Medications- Les médicaments
  • Sharp objects- Les objets pointus
  • Weapons- Les armes

Essential French Words & Sentences To Use On The Plane

After crossing all the steps or counters, you will finally board the plane. But your work is not done yet.

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You need to know how to address other people, what different things are called on the airplane in French, and more.

  • Aisle seat- siège côté couloir
  • Business class- Classe d’affaire
  • Economy class/ coach- La classe économique
  • Flight stewardess- Une hôtesse de l’air
  • Middle seat- Siège du milieu
  • Passenger- Un passager
  • Pilot- Le pilote
  • Row- La ligne
  • Steward- un steward
  • Window seat- Siège côté fenêtre/siège du côté hublot
  • Flight attendant- un agent de bord/un steward/une hôtesse de l’air

What Are Parts Of The Airplane Called In French?

Now that all the crucial aspects of airport vocabulary are covered let us have some fun.

Here is a French vocabulary list for different airplane parts for fun learning. It may not seem as necessary, but there is no harm in building your knowledge.

  • airplane body- Corps d’avion
  • airplane wings- Ailes d’avion
  • cockpit- Poste de pilotage
  • engine- Moteur
  • jet fuel- Carburéacteur
  • landing gear- Train d’atterrissage
  • nose of plane- Nez d’avion

Useful/Practical Airport Questions in French

From hailing a cab to entering the airport to taking your flight and getting out of the airport, you may find yourself asking some essential & necessary questions from others.

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Below are some practical French questions or phrases in case you need to talk to a stranger, co-passenger, or airport employee to find your way or if there is any issue with your flight.  

  • I am looking for terminal A- Je recherche le terminal A.
  • How many pieces of luggage can I take on the plane?- Combien de bagages puis-je emporter dans l’avion?
  • Why has the plane been delayed?Pourquoi l’avion a-t-il été retardé?
  • Why has the plane been canceled?-Pourquoi l’avion a-t-il été annulé?
  • Are there any window seats left?-Reste-t-il des sièges côté fenêtre?
  • Are there any aisle seats left?-Il reste des places côté couloir?
  • I would like a window seat.-Je voudrais avoir un siège près de la fenêtre.
  • I would like an aisle seat.-Je voudrais avoir un siège couloir.
  • When will the flight leave?- Quand décollera l’avion?
  • When do I have to be at the gate?-Quand est-ce que je dois être à la porte?
  • You have to be at the gate 30 minutes prior to departure.-Vous devez vous présenter à la porte 30 minutes avant l’heure du départ.
  • How long is the flight?-Combien de temps dure le vol?
  • How long is the stopover?-Combien de temps va-t’on s’arrêter?
  • Do I need a visa?-Est-ce que j’ai besoin d’un visa?
  • You won’t need a visa.-Vous n’avez pas besoin de Visa.
  • How many pieces of luggage can I take ?- Combien de valises est-ce que je peux prendre?
  • You can only take one piece of hand luggage.-Vous pouvez prendre seulement un bagage à main.
  • I would like to have a window seat, please.-Je voudrais avoir un siège du côté hublot, s’il vous plaît.
  • Unfortunately, we don’t have any window seats left.-Malheureusement, nous n’avons plus de siège disponible du côté hublot.
  • I would like to have an aisle seat, please.-Je voudrais avoir un siège du côté couloir s’il vous plaît.

Most Common Airport Phrases In French That You May Hear 

While you are at an airport, there are a few phrases and questions that you might hear during your travel. Knowing them will help in making your travel process much smoother.

  • May I see your boarding pass?-Puis-je voir votre carte d’embarquement?
  • Place your items in the tray.-Placez vos articles dans le bac.
  • Please have your passport and boarding pass ready.-Veuillez préparer votre passeport et votre carte d’embarquement.
  • Please place your bag on the scale.- Veuillez placer votre sac sur la balance .
  • Please take off your shoes.-Enlevez vos chaussures, s’il vous plaît.
  • Please take your laptop out of your bag.-Veuillez sortir votre ordinateur portable de votre sac .
  • There has been a gate change.-Il y a eu un changement de porte.
  • This is the final boarding call.-C’est le dernier appel d’embarquement .
  • Your bag is overweight. – Votre sac est en surpoids.

Top FAQs About Basic French Vocabulary For Beginners

What are the different signs I can see in the airport?

Airports are enormous territories. It is prevalent for people to get lost there, especially in a foreign land.

To ensure you find your way in a French-speaking country’s airport, you must know what different display signs say.

Explore the various signs you will see in the airport:

  1. Check-In- Enregistrement
  2. Departure Lounge- Salle d’embarquement
  3. Terminal- Aérogare
  4. Weigh Baggage- Poids des baggages
  5. Customs- Douane
  6. Arrivals- Arrivées
  7. Departures- Départs
  8. Immigration- Immigration
  9. Security Check- Contrôle de sécurité
  10. Transfers- Correspondances
  11. Duty-Free Shop- Une boutique hors taxes
  12. Car Rental- Voitures de location
  13. Railway Station- Gare SNCF
  14. Paris By Train- Parisen train
  15. Gates- Portes
  16. Shuttles- Navettes
  17. Baggage Claim- Livraison des bagages
  18. Exit- Sortie
What are the crucial verbs for flying I should know?

When it comes to boosting your French airport-related vocabulary, there are some crucial verbs for flying that every learner must know:

• To Land -Atterir – L’avion atterit. The Plane Is Landing.
• To Take Off -Décoler – L’avion décole. The Plane Is Taking Off.
• To Fly -Voler – L’avion vole dans le ciel. The Plane Is Flying In The Sky.
• To Change- Changer – Je change d’avion. I Change Planes.
• To Cancel- Annuler – J’annule mon vol. I Cancel My Flight.
• To Confirm- Confirmer – Je confirme mon mol. I Confirm My Flight.
• To Vomit Vomir – Je vomis dans l’avion. I Vomit On The Plane.

What is the airport procedure on the day of departure?

Before you take your flight, you need to go through several processes at the airport.

First, you need to do the check-in. You can either do it by going to the check-in counter, or you can do it online.

After this, proceed to the baggage counter to check in your baggage. Now it will be time to go through the security check. Your luggage and belongings will be inspected to ensure you are a safe passenger.

The next stop will be immigration, where you must present your travel documents.

Lastly, you will get your boarding pass and wait till there is an announcement to board the flight.

How do you say airport in French?

The French alternative for the word “The Airport” is “L’aéroport.” Aéroport (Airport) is a masculine word; thus, you will require a masculine/singular indefinite article. For example, “un aéroport” is French for “an airport.”

“Aéroport international” is a French alternative for “International Airport,” and “Aéroport domestique” is the word for “Domestic Airport.”


Traveling is a crucial part of our life. And if you are traveling to a foreign land, like a French-speaking country, and want to make sure you make it safely through the airport, you need to learn French vocabulary to use at the airport.

Learning how to read signs, ask for directions, flight-related questions, and talk to airport staff & flight attendants in French, you need to strengthen your vocabulary.

This will make your travel much smoother and more memorable.

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