9 Different Easy Ways To Say How Are You In French – Fun & Formal Ways

how are you in French

If you’re learning French, one of the most important phrases you’ll need to learn is “how are you” in French. This simple question is a standard greeting in French-speaking countries to ask about someone’s well-being or state of mind.

In French, there are two main ways to say “how are you” depending on the formality level you wish to convey.

The first and more formal version is “Comment allez-vous?” which translates to “how are you?” in English. This phrase is generally used when addressing someone you don’t know well or when you want to show respect or deference.

The second and less formal version is “Comment vas-tu?” which also translates to “how are you?” in English. This phrase is generally used when addressing someone you know well or when you want to show familiarity or friendliness.

Other than these two, there are several different ways to say “How are you” in French.

In this article, you will learn about nine ways to greet someone with French “how are you” followed by impressive responses to keep the conversation going.

How Do You Say How Are You In French In Different Ways?

“Comment allez-vous?” and “Comment vas-tu?” are the two most common French phrases used to say how are you doing in French.

“Comment allez-vous?” is the best way to greet someone on a lovely morning, followed by asking them how they are doing.

So, if you want to say good morning, how are you in French, you can say “Bonjour, comment allez-vous?”.

However, besides these two main phrases, several other ways exist to ask someone the same question.

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Below we have 9 effortless ways you can learn to greet someone and ask them about their well-being to make a good impression.

1. Comment çava? – “How’s it going?”

This is a casual & friendly greeting and can be used in any scenario. It literally means ‘how it goes” but translates to “how are you” or “how is it going.”

2. Ça va? – “How’s it going?”

It is an informal expression but can still be used under various circumstances.

You can use it with people you are close with and under formal scenarios. However, we recommend not using it under formal situations as it literally translates as “it goes.”

3. Vous allez bien ? – “Are you well?”

When talking to someone you know and want the conversation to be more than just formality, you can say “Vous allez bien,” as it literally means “you go well?”.

By saying this phrase, you are asking the other person, “are you well?” and checking up on them.

4. Comment tu te sens? – “How are you feeling?”

If you know that the person you are talking to has been feeling a little gloomy and are anticipating, how do you say how are you in French, “Comment tutesens?” is the best expression to use.

This phrase is the best way to ask someone how they are feeling.

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However, if you want to ask “how are you feeling” in formal situations or to more than one person, use “Comment voussentez-vous” instead.

5. Quoi de neuf ? – “What’snew?”

It is one of the most straightforward ways to ask someone how they are doing and not be particular about anything.

You can use it with friends, family, and even colleagues you know well.

“Quoi de neuf? ” literally means “What’s new?”.

6. Ça gaze? – “What’s up?”

If you wish to differentiate your close ones from those of your acquaintances while greeting them, “Ça gaze” is the best French phrase to do so.

“Ça gaze?” is a very informal phrase and is ideal to use with people you are close to. It is a fun way to start the conversation and have your family & friends rolling with laughter.

7. Quoi de beau ? – “What’s beautiful?”

As you know, French is a romance language, and you will find the overuse of the words like “beautiful” in various situations.

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“Quoi de beau?” literally translates to “what is beautiful?” It is one of the elegant ways to ask someone how they are doing.

8. Ça roule? – “It’s rolling?”

It is a casual phrase and is most suitable to use with people you are highly familiar with.

“Ça roule?” literally means “It’s rolling” and is perfect for asking someone specifically how they are doing in a specific situation or how well their particular task is going.

9. Ça baigne ? – “It bathes?”

This is another unique and informal way to ask someone how they are doing in French. It is a highly unusual phrase and translates to “It bathes.” Again you can use it with a person feeling under the weather to lighten up their mood.

How To Reply To “How Are You” In French?

When responding to the question “how are you” in French, you can use several different phrases depending on your mood and the level of formality you wish to convey. Some common responses include:

  • Ça va bien, merci. Et toi ? (I’m doing well, thank you. And you?)
  • Ça va, pas mal. (I’m doing okay.)
  • Pas très bien, malheureusement ! (Not very well, unfortunately.)
  • Je suis un peu fatigué(e), mais ça va. (I’m a bit tired, but I’m okay.)
  • Tout va bien, merci. (Everything is fine, thank you.)

It’s important to note that when responding to the question “how are you” in French, it is highly common to ask the other person how they are doing. 

This is seen as a polite and friendly way to continue the conversation and show interest in the other person’s well-being.

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In addition to these basic phrases and responses, you can use several other French expressions to talk about your mood or how you are feeling. 

For example, you could say “Je suis heureux/heureuse” (I am happy), “Je suis triste” (I am sad), or “Je suis en colère” (I am angry).

Top FAQs About How Are You In French Pronunciation

How do you say hello how are you in French?

If you wish to greet someone with a simple hello followed by a question about their well-being in French, you can say Bonjour, comment allez-vous?”.

“Bonjour, comment allez-vous” also translates to “Hi, how are you” in French.

So, whether you are going for the formal “hello or informal”‘ Hi,” you can use this phrase in both scenarios.

What is the best way to ask how old are you in French?

The best and easiest way to ask someone about their age without offending them is to say, “Quel âge avez-vous?”.

This phrase literally translates to “how old are you,” eliminating the need for salutations or names.

When to use how are you today in French?

If you do not know much about the other person or want to keep the conversation light, asking them about their current day is a better choice.

Whether you are addressing your coworkers, friends, or families, you can simply ask them about their current day by saying, “Comment allez-vous aujourd’hui?” in French.

For example, before starting a meeting, you can ask the people how they are doing today.

Also, when meeting your friends, instead of greeting individually, you can ask, “how are you all doing today” as a general question.

How do I say you are beautiful in French?

If you wish to compliment another person about their beauty, whether a stranger or a known person, you can say ” Vous êtes magnifique.”

This phrase translates to “you are beautiful” and is one of the easiest & best ways to compliment others.


Learning to say “how are you” in French is essential for anyone who wants to communicate effectively with French speakers.

Being able to ask and respond clearly will help you build stronger relationships and meaningful connections with others. 

So why not start practicing today? Comment allez-vous?

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