9 Best Phrases To Say Good Luck in French With Audio Pronunciation

best wishes and good luck in french

Are you a French learner and want to learn how to say good luck in French? If yes, then you are at the right place.

If you are an absolute beginner or simply want to pick the French brain to boost your vocabulary, then look no further. Greeting or supporting people is a big part of our lives. Whether it is your friends, family, or colleague, there will be times when you want to show your support.

For such times it is better to learn the French counterpart of Good Luck.

French people are not the most enthusiastic or superstitious, but they sure believe in good or bad luck.

So, if you want to show your support to someone and learn more about French superstitions, keep reading this blog.

We assure you that by the end of this article, you will have a handful of best wishes and good luck in French utterances in your terminology.

Bonne Chance: The Standard Way

“Bonne Chance” is the standard or go-to “good luck” phrase French people use.

The word “Bonne” means “good,” and “Chance” means “luck.” And it is the easiest way to convey your sincere wishes.

You can use this expression with anyone in any situation that seems appropriate.

For Example:

  • Good luck for your exam : Bonne chance pour votre examen
  • Good luck with your new project : Bonne chance pour votre nouveau projet

How To Pronounce “Bonne Chance”?

As mentioned earlier, Bonne Chance combines two words: “bonne” & “chance.”

“Bonne” is the feminine form of “bon” and is pronounced as “bu-un.” Whereas “Chance” is pronounced as “shau-aun-ss” with nasal “-an” sound.

Thus, you can say Bonne Chance as “bu-un-shau-aun-ss.”

9 Easy Ways to Say Good Luck or Best of Luck in French:

If you want to say best of luck in French but do not want to sound too dated or regular, it is time you work on building up your French expression vocabulary.

Bonne Chance is the standard phrase to encourage someone with your best wishes. But it is always better to have other things in your backpack.

Below we have nine other ways you can use say good luck to anyone in French, have them impressed, and have their profound gratitude.

Explore the easiest ways to wish your family, friends, colleagues, and even a stranger, showcase your French knowledge, and have easy conversations with fellow french speakers.

1. Bonne Chance pour

Sometimes simply saying good luck is not enough. If you want to make your phrase distinctive, you can add why you wish the other person good luck.

But adding the reason for wishing is more challenging than it seems. Things do get complicated in French compared to English.

If you wish the person for something immaterial like an event, you will pair bonne chance with “pour.”

So, suppose you want to wish your sibling on their exam, you can say, “Bonne chance pour votre examen,” which translates to “Good luck for your exam.”

For Example:

  • Good luck meeting the new clients : Bonne chance pour rencontrer les nouveaux clients
  • Good luck for the continuation! : Bonne chance pour la suite

2. Bonne Chance Avec

Another word you can add to the standard bonne chance to wish others for a particular reason is “avec.”

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You can only add “avec” to bonne chance when you are greeting for something tangible like a person, pet or animal, physical object, & other similar scenarios.

For Example:

  • Good luck with your house : Bonne chance avec votre maison
  • Good luck with your job : Bonne chance avec votre travail

3. Bonne Chance Dans

Another phrase you can jam with standard greeting bonne chance to wish someone the best of luck is “dans.”

“Dans” is similar to “pour” and is used when wishing someone for intangible concepts or future events.

However, bonne chance pour is widely used, and it is easier to use out of the two.

For Example:

  • Good luck in your life : Bonne chance dans votre vie
  • Good luck in your research : Bonne chance dans vos recherches

4. Je vous souhaite

If you are contemplating how to say good luck in French formally, then “Je vous souhaite bone chance” should be your go-to phrase.

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Using the phrase “Je vous souhaite” with Bonne Chance makes the wishing a little personal, and you can quickly tell your coworkers whether it is your boss or acquaintance.

So, if you want to tell someone I wish you good luck in French, add Je vous souhaite with Bonne chance. 

For Example:

  • I wish you good luck: Je vous souhaite bonne chance

5. Que

To sound more formal and sincere while wishing good luck, you can use the phrase’s subjunctive form that starts with the word “que.”

If the formal greeting “je vous souhaite” seems complicated, you can use the alternative starting with que.

Please understand that this is most suitable for formal scenarios. So, whether you want to wish good luck in French to a girl, this phrase is for all.

For Example:

  • May your stay be pleasant: Que votre séjour soit agréable
  • May your trip go well: Que votre voyage se passe bien

6. Meilleurs Voeux

The phrase “Meilleurs voeux” is a typical end-of-year festivities greeting. 

It is mainly used by French people at the end of December and the beginning of January and means “Season’s Greetings.”

So, if you wish someone merry X-mas, new year, and happy holidays altogether, saying Meilleurs voeux will cover it all.

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Besides the standard greeting for the holiday season, Meilleurs voeux is also used to wish the best of luck in French on other festive occasions like weddings, graduations, and more.

Thus, saying “Meilleurs voeux” during the end-of-year period means “Season’s greetings,” but speaking it on any other occasion means “best wishes.”

For Example:

  • Best wishes for your future : Meilleurs voeux pour votre avenir
  • Best wishes for the new year : Meilleurs voeux pour la nouvelle année

7. Merde

The word “Merde” is slang and one of the most informal expressions you can use to wish someone good luck.

It is a French equivalent of the English phrase “break a leg.” So, whether the person has a meeting, performance, or exam, you can wish them the best with this one word.

Also, Merde can be followed by the word “pour,” meaning ‘for’ and the upcoming event for you to be more specific with the greeting.

For Example:

  • Good luck in the exam tomorrow: Je te dis merde pour ton examen demain

8. Croiser les doigts

Sometimes we all wish for something, whether for ourselves or others and cross our fingers for good luck.

The English expression for this belief is “fingers crossed,” and a French counterpart also exists for it.

So, if you want to say good luck, my love, in French but with a touch of your faith or belief, you can say, “Je croise les doigts pour ton succès mon amour.”

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The best time to use this expression is with someone who believes in the superstition of crossing their fingers for good luck.

For Example:

  • I’m crossing my fingers for your success: Je croise mes doigts pour ta réussite
  •  I’m crossing my fingers for your trip: Je croise mes doigts pour votre voyage

9. Toucher du bois

Another superstition highly prevalent among people when talking about something great is to knock on wood to ensure that good luck remains.

French believe that if you want to say “Toucher du bois,” you must ensure you touch any object made of wood; otherwise, it brings bad luck.

This phrase is an excellent way to wish good luck to others and yourself.

For Example:

  • Everything is going well at the office. Knock on wood: Tout se passe bien au bureau. Toucher du bois

FAQs About Best Wishes And Good Luck in French

What is the easiest way to say good luck in French language?

The easiest way to wish someone good luck is to use the French people’s standard phrase “Bonne Chance.”

This phrase literally means “good luck” and can be said to anyone in any scenario.

So, you can use this go-to phrase to communicate your feeling, whether it is to a family member, kid, friend, or colleague.

What to say if I want to wish her good luck in French?

If you want to wish good luck to a female or any other person, you can say “Je vous souhaite bonne chance,” which means “I wish you good luck.”

Using “Je vous souhaite” with the standard “bonne chance” makes the wish more personal and helps you showcase your words’ sincerity.

What is all the best in French?

The translation of “All the best” in the French language is Tous mes vœux.”

It is a synonym phrase for good luck, and you can use it if you find the go-to phrase overly used.

For example:

  • All the best for the presentation/All my best wishes for the presentation: Tous mes vœux pour la présentation
How to say good luck in French to a man?

There are almost nine ways to greet any person with “good luck”” in French.

You can go from a standard greeting ideal for all scenarios to one suitable for either formal or informal settings.

However, if you want to keep it short but still want other people to know your intentions, “Bonne chance” is the best way to begin.

Do French people have any superstitions about good luck?

YES. Like other people across the globe, French speakers also have their fair share of superstitions associated with luck.

Some might be small, but others are popular, and French natives are highly particular about them.

  • French believe touching the pompom on a sailor’s hat brings good luck.
  • The baguette or a loaf of bread should always be kept with its flat side down.
  • Accidentally stepping on a dog poop is considered lucky.
  • Finding a four-leaf clover brings luck.


Comprehending more than one way to say good luck in French will strengthen your French learning and increase your chances of achieving the goal you have associated with this process.

This article covers nine ways to wish people good luck in different scenarios and show your sincerity towards them.

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