9 Easy Ways To Wish Good Night In French With Examples & Pronunciation

Good night in French

To boost your knowledge and strengthen your learning, you must learn how to say good night in French.

Greetings are a big part of French vocabulary. Whether it is saying hello or good morning in French, wishing happy birthday, or for any other event, you need to be on your top game.

In English, greeting someone good night is straight forward. You will say it only when you or the person you are talking to is going to sleep.

However, in French, things get a little complicated. Wishing someone good night and sweet dreams is quite tricky in French.

Saying good night in French depends on whether you are greeting or bidding farewell, along with your level of closeness to the person.

The greetings related to night in French are a handful. But do not worry. To help you progress with your learning, we bring you nine different yet easy ways to say goodnight in French.

Keep reading and learn the different forms & rules you need to know.

What Is The Benefit Of Learning Good Night In French?

Learning to say French goodnight, good evening, and other night-related greetings can help you in your understanding and daily life.

There are a lot of situations where you can benefit from knowing the French greetings for the night.

For Example:

  1. You can have a better stay at the place of your francophone friends or relatives.
  2. You can babysit a French-speaking kid with ease.
  3. When traveling in a prominent French-speaking nation, you can enjoy your night out to the fullest.
  4. You can finally talk & flirt with your French-speaking crush late at night.
  5. And many more.

How Do You Say Goodnight In French?

There are more than one ways to wish someone a good evening in French. 

Whether it is a stranger, a family member, a friend, or a colleague, there are different ways you can end a conversation with someone and wish them the best for the rest of their evening.

Bonne Nuit- Standard French Phrase for “Good Night”

“Bonne Nuit” is the standard French phrase to say “Good Night.” This phrase literally means good night and has similar usage to English.

The best thing about this phrase is that you can say it to anyone in any social situation.

Generally, you will say “Bonne nuit” to someone only when you are sure that the other person is about to go to bed or sleep.

You can use this phrase when a person is:

  • Going to their bedroom to sleep
  • Going to sleep right next to you (in your room, couch, etc.)
  • Leaving the gathering and going to their house or room to sleep

Thus, this phrase is inaccurate to use when leaving your office or any late-night activity outside the house.

Explore 9 Easy Ways To Wish Good Night in French Language

There are several formal, informal, straightforward, & cute ways to say goodnight in French.

As a budding learner of the language, it is better if you build your vocabulary well on the phrases that are used immensely on a regular basis.

Apart from the standard “Bonne nuit”, you can say good night to someone in this romance language in several other ways.

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Here we have 9 different ways to have a good night translate to French without any mistakes.

1. Bonne nuit tout le monde – “Good Night Everyone” In French

It is easy to wish many people hello or good morning in French at once. Bonjour gives us this freedom and ease.

Similarly, there is a way to simultaneously say good night to multiple people, eliminating the need to acknowledge everyone individually.

So, whether you are hosting a show, giving a lecture, or at a dinner party, you can say “Bonne nuit tout le monde,” which means “good night, everyone in French,” and allows you to leave the place in a manner way.

For Example:

  • Good night everyone. It’s time to go back home. -Bonne nuit tout le monde. Il est temps de rentrer à la maison.

2. Je Vous/TeSouhaite Une Bonne Nuit – I Wish You A Good Night

If you want to personalize your good night wish to someone, “Je vous/te souhaite une bonne nuit” is the perfect phrase.

You can say this phrase to someone you are close to, like friends/, family, or acquaintances.

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When saying it to a close person, you can use ‘te,’ while for a stranger or someone you have a formal relationship with, ‘vous’ is the right choice.

For Example:

  • David, I wish you a good night- David, je te souhaite une bonne nuit.
  • I wish you a good night ma’am- Je vous souhaite une bonne nuit madame.

3. Dors bien – Sleep Well

“Dors bien” is what you call sweet dreams in French. It is an ideal expression to use with people you are not close to, like a colleague, client, shopkeeper, etc.

If you wish to say sleep well to your close ones, the imperative form of this expression, “Dormez bien,” is the right choice.

Using this expression means either you are talking to many people or to someone you know well personally.

Other than this, “Dormez bien” can be used with someone in a vulnerable situation like a young kid, hospitalized individual, & other similar scenarios.

For Example:

  • Sleep well my angel!- Dors bien mon ange!

4. Faisde beaux rêves – Sweet Dreams

The literal translation of this phrase gives us “make beautiful dreams” or “have beautiful dreams,” which is equivalent to the “sweet dreams” expression in English.

Again, appropriate usage of this expression will be with closed ones. Also, avoid using it in a formal situation.

For Example:

  • Good night,Flora. have nice dreams- Bonne nuit Flora. Fais de beaux rêves !

There is another form of this expression when used with ‘vous.’ The expression changes to “Faites de beaux rêves,” indicating you are addressing multiple people.

“Faites de beaux rêves” should not be used in formal context similar to the “Fais de beaux rêves”.

5. Dors avec les Anges – Sleep With Angles

This good night expression in French is ideal to use when the other person is about to sleep, and you are sure of it.

It is a more poetic form of “dors bien” and makes you sound all loving & charming.

The best to use it with will be a love interest.

For Example:

  • Sleep with the angels, honey- Dors avec les anges ma chérie!

6. Bonsoir – Good Evening Or Good Night

If you know how to say hello in French, you should understand “Bonsoir.”

It is a go-to greeting French word and generally means “good evening.” However, there are times when bonsoir can also mean good night.

If you are in a formal setting and wish to bid someone good night, Bonsoir is the right word.

Using bonsoir to say good night makes your greeting sound formal, which is correct, as French people love to communicate a little elevated.

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Do not worry about whether the other person can deduce whether you said good evening or good night, as the context will make it clear to them.

For Example:

  • I am so tired. I need to sleep, good night- Je suis hyper fatigué. J’ai besoin de dormir, bonsoir.

7. Bonne Soirée -Have A Good Evening

You will use “Bonne Soiree” to wish someone good night whenever you or they are leaving.

This phrase can be used at any time in the evening to convey “goodbye,” “good night,” or “see you later.”

“Bonne Soirée” is ideal only when you are departing and not sure if the other person is going to bed.

For Example:

  • I’m going to bed. Good night- Je vais aller me coucher. Bonne Soirée

8. À demain- See You Tomorrow

The actual translation of “À demain” is “see you tomorrow,” but you can also use it to wish someone French good night.

It is a simple phrase and can be used when you are sure the other person is off to bed, meaning you will see them the next day.

Thus, saying “À demain” or “see you tomorrow” means good night.

For Example:

  • I’am leaving. See you tomorrow !- Je vous laisse. À demain !

9. Bonne Nuit Mon Amour – Good Night My Love

If you wish to say good night, my love, in French, then “Bonne nuit mon amour” is your go-to phrase.

It is the easy and basic romantic way to wish someone good night. However, you can also use it to show other kinds of love, like to your children, close friend, pet, and more.

For Example:

  • Good night my love- Bonne nuit mon amour
  • Good night my little love- Bonne nuit mon petit amour

Difference Between “Bonsoir” And “Bonne Soirée”

The French equivalent of “good night” is “bonne nuit.” It is the most common way to greet someone with a great night.

However, there are other ways to say the same. “Bonne Soiree” is another common French phrase used by natives to express good night.

The phrase “bonne nuit” is generally used when you leave a conversation (at night), are about to go to bed, or it is the end of the night.

For example, after a night outing with your friends, you can tell them “Bonne nuit” before you take your leave.

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In contrast, “bonnesoirée” is a good night greeting, but it is used when you are sure the other person is not going to bed.

For example, if you are departing from a friend or family member in the evening/night and you are sure they are going out & not to bed, you can wish them “bonne soirée.”

The crucial thing to remember is that both of these words are not interchangeable and are generally used toward the end of the conversation.

7 Ways To Say Good Night Romantically In French

Romance is an integral part of the French language. So, whether you wish to impress your crush or partner or shower your better half with all your love, greeting them with a French “good night” can be a great start.

Below are seven expressions you can say to your special friend or possible love interest to showcase your French knowledge & your feelings.

  • Bonne nuit, mon amour – Goodnight, my love!
  • Bonsoir mon coeur – Goodnight my heart!
  • Maman, embrasse-moi toujours bonne nuit – Mom, always kiss me goodnight !
  • Bonsoir les amis – Good evening guys !
  • Bonsoir. Fais de beaux rêves – Goodnight. Sweet dreams !
  • Je vais me coucher. Bonsoir! – I am going to bed. Goodnight!
  • Bonne nuit, dors bien! – Goodnight, sleep well!

French Sleep-Describing Terms

Apart from the exceptional night-wishing phrases in French, there are other things that you should know.

There are many sleep-related terms in French that every learner should know about.

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So far, you have learned how to wish someone good night, but sometimes you would want to tell others about your night or sleep and other sleep-related things.

For that, below are some terms that can help you get started.

  • Je dors bien – I sleep well.
  • Dormir comme un bébé –   sleep like a baby.
  • Dormir comme un sabot –   sleep like a hoof.
  • Dormir comme un ange –   sleep like an angel.
  • Dormir à la belle étoile –    sleep under the stars.
  • Faire la grasse matinée – To sleep in.
  • Passer une nuit blanche – Stay awake.
  • Piquer un somme – To take a nap.
  • Ne dormir que d’un œil – Sleep with one eye open.

Top FAQs About Good Night Beautiful In French

What is sweet dreams in French?

“Beaux rêves” is the French equivalent of sweet dreams in French. You can say good night followed by sweet dreams to anyone you know well enough.

For Example:

  • Good night my little sweetheart.Sweet dreams.- Bonne nuit ma chérie. Fais de beaux rêves.
How to say goodnight beautiful in French?

If you want to wish your partner well for the night along with the praise that shows your love & affection towards them, “bonne nuit ma belle” is the correct phrase.

This phrase translates into “good night, beautiful,” telling the person you wish them well and how much you are fond of them.

How to say good night to you too?

If someone has wished you good night or good evening in French, then the perfect reply would be you wishing them the same.

“Bonne nuit à vous aussi !” is the suitable reply when someone says “Bonne nuit” as it means, “good night to you too.”

How can I tell someone to have a beautiful evening in French?

If you are departing from someone or leaving the conversation and the time is evening, you can go by saying, “bonne soirée.”

However, if you want to say more than the plain “good evening,” you can go for “passe une bonne soirée,” which means “have a beautiful evening,” making your greeting more personal & sincere.

How do you say last night in French?

The French equivalent of “last night” is “la nuit dernière.” So, if you are conversing with someone and want to talk about the previous night, you can say, “Qu’as tu fait la nuit dernière?” which means, “what did you do last night?”.


Knowing how to say good night in French is crucial as it is one of the most commonly used phrases you will find yourself using.

Apart from it, you need to learn about different French ways to say good night and popular “good night”-related vocabulary.

We hope this article was a great help in boosting your French learning. For any further questions, please comment below.

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