15 Easiest Ways To Learn French Fast And Effectively For Beginners

Are you fascinated by the style, poise, & elegance of the French Language and are interested in learning it? If yes, then our 15 ways to learn French fast and effectively can be of great help.

French is one of the most exotic and spoken languages in the world. Having its roots in the country of fashion “France”, French is all about enhancing yourself inside out.

In today’s times where cultures have no boundaries & people love to explore, learning a new language is not a matter of surprise.

Learning another language is not only brain-boosting but can also help you advance personally & professionally.

So, if you are determined to learn French, our beginner’s friendly guide is all you need to get started. We will ensure you have the best way to learn French online and become fluent in no time.

6 Things To Know Before You Begin Your French Learning Journey

The most crucial thing you need to understand as a student is that there are no shortcuts to learning a new language. Like your native language, French also has vast data. And you must go through it all to become fluent.

Every year many people dive into the journey of learning a new language, but most of them give up half of the way. This is mainly because they have all kinds of myths building up in their head that makes it hard for them to pass the barriers.

To ensure you do not face any such harsh situation, below we have listed some crucial things or factors that you must keep in your head. 

Knowing & understanding these factors will boost your confidence and will not let you deviate from your path of learning.

  • It does not matter if you know a language other than your native. 
  • You are not lagging behind the people who already know several languages. The only benefit you get from knowing several languages is that it makes learning another language a bit easy.
  • If you understand English grammar well, French learning will be much easier.
  • Everyone has their own learning pace. So, do not beat yourself up if you are learning at a slower pace.
  • Younger people tend to learn at a better rate than adults.
  • People or beginner learners who are disciplined and dedicated to studying regularly have a better chance of mastering a new language.
  • Do not compare yourself to others. If you are learning French in partnership, say with a friend, and they are doing better than you, do not give up. To some people, learning comes easily while others have to work a little harder.
  • Learning a new language is always exciting. You learn about a whole new world & how the people speaking that particular language lives & stride.

15 Easiest Ways To Learn French Fast And Effectively Online

French is the Latin language of the Indo-European family which was once native to France but now is spoken worldwide.

Currently, there are about 321 million French speakers across the globe.

Today, French is not only a native language of France. It is an official language in about 29 countries across multiple continents. Not only this, many countries even use the French for official use and teaching as well.

There is no need to have an absolute reason to learn a new language. You can learn it simply for the fun of it. 

But truth be told, learning a new language, especially the one spoken globally, makes you attractive, keeps you ahead of your peers, and can help you when you are traveling internationally.

If you have come across websites and people who have told you things like French is a tough language, you can not learn it, and many other rubbish things, we want you to take them out of your head.

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Learning French is like you learning any other subject in your school and college. Do not put too much pressure on yourself and you will do great.

Below we have mentioned our simple ways that will answer all your queries like how to learn french fast for beginners and give you a roadmap in beginning your learning journey.

1. Study With a Reliable Audio

The first thing you need to know as someone eager to learn French is that written & spoken French are almost two different languages.

There are many silent letters, gliding, liaisons, & more, and practices are used abundantly in the language.

Simply reading up the texts in a guidebook or any other written material will not help you.

So, you must learn to pronounce what you read. Thus look for a reliable French audiobook and place your written material accordingly.

This way you will learn how to pronounce a word and simultaneously how to write it.

2. Watch Movies

There is no better motivation to learn a new language than watching movies made in that particular language.

Watch French movies with French subtitles. It is one of the easiest ways to increase your familiarity with the language.

Watching movies will let you discover every phrase, and build your vocabulary. In addition, you will be able to read new words, train your ear, and improve your pronunciation.

3. It’s Time To Sing A Song

Just like movies, songs are another excellent way to learn French playfully. 

So, if you are ever dreading how hard learning French for beginners can be, think again.

Listen to French songs, translate them to learn their meanings, and try to sing along with them. 

By listening you will learn new words, and by singing along you will ease out your tongue for pronunciation.

And with time, you will finally understand what your favorite French song means and sing it without any prompting required.

4. Reading

When it comes to learning, reading is crucial. You sure need to focus on speaking & hearing but it is of no use if you can not read the language.

We are not suggesting you go into nerd mode. Try to read your favorite novel but in French.

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As you are already familiar with the novel you will not have a hard time mapping the story. Also, you will learn new words.

5. Writing Is A Must

All the reading and hearing stuff is great but if you want to master French, you should be able to write it as well.

So, whenever you learn a new word and master reading & pronouncing it, you need to learn to write it as well. 

6. Make A Balance Between Listening, Reading, & Writing

Make a habit of keeping a notebook where you write down all the new words or phrases you learn.

You should practice reading, writing, and speaking those words every day. It is like, as soon as you learn something new, it should be added to your notes.

7. Avoid Translation As You Level Up

When you are an absolute beginner in French, translating it into your native language is going to happen.

So, do not feel inferior if you find yourself looking up the meaning of a word in the language you are familiar with.

However, translating all the time is not a good idea. As you begin advancing in your French learning, try to avoid translating. Let your brain identify the word & translate it for you.

8. Include Images & Visual In Your Learning

Opting for traditional learning methods is not always the best. Visuals are one of the most effective ways to learn something new.

So link your french vocabulary to images, feelings, or situations to learn them.

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You can even use flashcards that depict certain feelings or situations and push yourself to recognize the world linking to that.

Avoid using visuals that have another language counterpart for your French word. You will not be able to learn better that way.

9. Pay Special Attention To French Cognates

The cognates are the words that are the same between two languages. Many people think it is not a big deal.

However, the pronunciation of cognates usually differs in different languages. Not only this but there are also false cognates that have different meanings.

So, pay attention to cognates like you will pay attention to the French alphabet. Plus do not try to remember or link cognates to another language.

10. Avoid Writing In Your Head

It is common among people learning a new language to write a word or spelling in their head before they speak.

Sometimes it can be good but doing it on repetition can harm you. French is an ensemble of silent letters and unique pronunciation.

Writing a word in your head will create confusion. Instead focus on remembering the pronunciation.

11. Find A Partner

Try to find a person who is fluent in French and is willing to help you learn it.

Or you can do the exchange of knowledge. Find someone who is fluent in French and wants to learn your native language.

You can both do the method of giving & take. And learn the language conversationally.

12. Pay Attention To French Speakers

Make a habit of actively listening to other people speaking french. You can do this by observing people around you or finding videos of people online.

You will learn how to pronounce certain words or use certain expressions.

If possible ask them about your queries and you will be surprised how much you can learn from other people.

13. Do No Be Afraid To Make Mistakes

Trying, making mistakes, and failing are all crucial parts of learning. You will not see the progress the minute you begin your learning journey.

Allow yourself to make mistakes, revisit them to find the issues, work on them, and conquer them.

Other people will appreciate you for trying and will gladly help you in correcting them.

14. Study Regularly Not In One Sitting

Do not try to be a marvel and study French in one sitting. Learning something new for hours in one sitting can exhaust you and kill your motivation.

It is better to learn regularly but for small intervals. Like, dedicate about 10 to 15 minutes to french learning every day.

Be consistent about your learning. Studying for a small period but daily will boost your learning.

You can then increase the time as you progress.

Please understand that learning every day for a small duration is much more beneficial than learning for hours on a single day.

15. Revise

Learning is not enough. You can cover all the topics for French learning but it will not make you fluent if you do not revise it.

As soon as you are done with your one reading & listening material, revise it before shifting to another one.

There is no benefit in jumping to new study material while forgetting the old one. Continue your learning with new ones but always go back to reviewing the older ones too.

Top FAQs About Learn French Fast For Beginners

How to learn French fast on your own?

If you are interested in learning French there is no time like today. Some people opt to join language courses or classes to learn it while others prefer to do it on their own.

You can join some paid classes if you like. But if you want to do it all on your own then it is better you purchase a learning guide, and some audiobooks, and take the help of the internet from time to time.

There are various language learning applications available too. Although we do not recommend them much as AI-powered apps are unable to tell you how to talk with proper pronunciation.

Buy a proper french learning book, listen to french audiobooks, and maintain a notebook to keep a check on your progress.

The most crucial thing is to not give up and keep revising.

Absolutely YES. In today’s times of the internet, you can learn anything you desire for free. The World Wide Web is filled with audio, videos, and written data that can help you immensely.

So if you desire to learn French for beginners fast for free, all you need to do is look for some top platforms teaching beginners and follow their procedures.

The best part is that you can ask questions, get your doubts cleared, and learn anytime & anywhere as per your comfort.

If you want to learn French then all you need is your smartphone or laptop and a good internet connection.

On the web, you will come across several websites and other platforms dedicated to teaching languages to their visitors.

All you need to do is find a source that you find easy to comprehend. You will come across both paid & free platforms. So, decide carefully if you want exclusivity by paying or if are you okay with whatever material you get for free.

There is no fixed time to learn any language. The level of your progress depends on your dedication and progress.

Someone consistent in learning is surely going to learn faster than someone inconsistent.

But on average it takes about six to seven months to learn any foreign language with proper dedication and consistency.


Knowing a language other than your native makes you more attractive among your peers. French is one of the most exotic languages in the world and learning it will open many doors of opportunity for you. We hope our 15 easy ways to learn french fast for beginners will guide you well on your journey of French learning

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