7 Best Ways To Improve Your French Listening Skills in 2023 Like a Pro

Tips To Improve Your French Listening Skills

French is one of the most spoken languages worldwide. It is one of the most exotic languages people from other ethnicities prefer to learn.

French is not limited to France only. Countries like Canada, Belgium, Madagascar, & more have French as their official language. In addition, countries like the USA, Switzerland, & others have French in their school curriculum.

Learning French will improve your personality and assist you immensely in your international trips. You even have better opportunities at better jobs with the knowledge of such a popular language.

So, suppose you are an absolute beginner or already in the process. In that case, you may have come across several platforms & people telling you what to do & what not to do.

With so many mouths to feed you information, things are bound to go south. Here at CCube Academy, we always come across people who get advice to focus on reading, writing & speaking only.

If you, too, have had such advice, we want you to stop and listen. Reading, writing, and speaking are crucial to learning any new language. But most people need to remember to work on their listening skills. Listening is as crucial as reading, writing and speaking a language. You can only write, read, & talk about something once you know how to pronounce it.

If you are already on your journey to learn French, we want you also to improve your French listening skills.

There are many ways to do it, and we bring you the seven best ways to learn to listen to French. 

7 Best Tips To Improve French Listening Skills

If you follow our steps, you will see an immense improvement in your listening & understanding of French pronunciation. And successfully implement the enhancements in your writing, reading & speaking.

Boosting this particular skill will be your first step to communicating fluently with French speakers.

Let us begin and help you improve your French listening skills.

1. Podcasts & Radio

Podcasts & Radio

Present times are all about the Internet and doing everything online. You can easily find podcasts, radio, and YouTube channels that teach French or talk in French.

The Internet has something for everyone. Going for YouTube channels is the best if you want a visual representation. 

Most podcasts are available in both audio & video output. And radio is for the ones who want to avoid getting online. Different mediums are available for you to listen to French & understand it well.

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The Internet is the hub of free resources that allow you to download podcasts and listen to the radio (such as Espace Groupe and NextRadio TV).

Listening to the language often will help you build familiarity with it. You can listen to shows or videos lasting from a few minutes to hours.

2. Television

start watching French TV shows

If you are more of a visual person and want to get into the depth of native French speakers, we suggest you start watching French TV shows.

Watching French soap operas, News, sports, game shows & other activities will help you build familiarity with French culture.

Examining people’s expressions & feeling their tone while they speak certain words will help you convey them better.

Although this may not sound like an exciting way to practice your listening skills, watching TV is an excellent opportunity to improve your understanding of the language.

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Watching French TV shows will introduce you to various topics, events, and vocabulary words. It will help you become familiar with the language spoken around you. 

If you want to start small, go for the News, as it is generally easier to follow, at least in context. 

Commercials are another easy way as they usually have few words, and the context is often straightforward. You can interpret the meaning while watching the visuals.

3. Movies

watching movies

Another entertaining way you can go to improve your French listening comprehension is by watching movies. 

The best way to practice with movies is to watch the French dubbed version of a movie you have already seen. You can go for the subtitles but remember they are as reliable as French subtitles of your native language movie.

Beware of over-simplification, which can sometimes be overkill. But it is good practice to end the translation if it is incomplete or unclear.

And as your French improves, you can watch original French movies, watch one scene at a time, comprehend it, and see if you were right or wrong.

We highly recommend watching French movies with French subtitles over time as this will boost your concentration on listening to the pronunciation of the word written in the text.

4. Listen & Sing Songs

Record & Listen To Yourself

Another easy way to get into the groove of learning French and focus on listening & pronouncing it better is through songs. There is nothing as good as listening to songs.

Listening to French songs will let you enjoy the melody and focus more on the words’ pronunciation as if you love to sing along with the music, you need to sing the correct lyrics.

Also, songs can reflect the culture and the history of the country. We suggest you begin with one piece, listen to it regularly, master it and then move on to the next song & so on and so forth.

If you come across certain words that are way out of your league, use a dictionary to translate them.

5. Record & Listen To Yourself

Record & Listen To Yourself

Another great way to get into the mood of boosting French listening skills is to record yourself while speaking the language and then listen to it.

You can read or speak anything you want in French. We recommend going with your basics, like your self-introduction.

After recording, listen to it carefully. You will learn where you are making mistakes & which words need more engagement in pronunciation.

6. Audio Books

Listen & Sing Songs

Audio Books are for you if you are a book lover who would rather listen to their books than actually read them.

Audiobooks are more of an advanced level tip, so we suggest you go for this one when you are confident in your listening skills with Television & podcasts.

Choose your favourite book to listen to in French instead of going for something new. It ensures your familiarity with the story, and you will be able to focus more on your listening & oral comprehension.

If you want to improve it, you can listen to the audio with the book in your hands. You can follow the text better, listen to the correct pronunciation, and then speak it well.

7. French Listening Resources

French Listening Resources

Nothing is better than the Internet if you have no one to practice your French. Look for different platforms that offer free French listening exercises & tests.

As you practice your tips daily, take one French listening test once a week. It will help you keep better track of your progress.

You will know where you are lagging and what areas to focus more on, and you can change your strategy as required.


In conclusion, learning a new language is an exciting adventure. However, it can also be laborious and sometimes tedious. When learning a new language, it is essential to start with the basics and build from there. 

Do not hesitate to download movies, books, and French listening exercises to boost your learning.

And we hope you follow our tips, as they will help you improve your French listening skills and become more fluent in no time!

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