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delf b2 sample papers with answers

Graduate DELF B2 Exam With Top-Rated DELF B2 Sample Papers PDF Download

DELF B2 Sample Paper Download

Listening Exercise

DELF B2 Listening Sample Papers Answers Keys Download

Answer Key

Individuals with the DELF B2 diploma are certified to have a degree of independence, allowing them to present their opinions, construct arguments, negotiate, and discuss in forums & more with utmost ease.

Also, if you want to follow studies in French higher education, you need to have a DELF B2 diploma.

Like all the other exams, the DELF B2 tests your Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking skills but on much more challenging levels.

You are given a total time of 2 hours & 30 minutes to take the test, and you need to score atleast five in each section to pass.

Format Of B2 Exam:


  • Comprehension questionnaires dealing with three recordings:  
    • interview, news bulletin etc. (played once) 
    • presentation, lecture, speech, documentary, radio or television programme (played twice).
  • The maximum duration of recordings: 8-15 mins


  • Comprehension questionnaires dealing with two written documents: 
    • text of an informational nature regarding France or the French-speaking world 
    • text of an argumentative nature


  • Taking a personal stand (contributing to a debate, formal letter, review of a film/book)


  • Conveying & defending an opinion based on a short document designed to elicit a reaction.

For better practice for your upcoming French exam, we have some handpicked DELF B2 Sample papers below that will help you boost your reading, writing, speaking, & listening skills.

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There are specific exercises for each skill level, along with answers for you to keep a check on your improvement.

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