DELF B2 Sample Papers With Answers | DELF B2 Past Exam Papers

delf b2 sample papers with answers

Graduate DELF B2 Exam With Top-Rated DELF B2 Sample Papers PDF Download

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Listening Exercise

DELF B2 Listening Sample Papers Answers Keys Download

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Individuals with the DELF B2 diploma are certified to have a degree of independence, allowing them to present their opinions, construct arguments, negotiate, and discuss in forums & more with utmost ease.

Also, if you want to follow studies in French higher education, you need to have a DELF B2 diploma.

Like all the other exams, the DELF B2 tests your Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking skills but on much more challenging levels.

You are given a total time of 2 hours & 30 minutes to take the test, and you need to score atleast five in each section to pass.

Format Of B2 Exam:


  • Comprehension questionnaires dealing with three recordings:  
    • interview, news bulletin etc. (played once) 
    • presentation, lecture, speech, documentary, radio or television programme (played twice).
  • The maximum duration of recordings: 8-15 mins


  • Comprehension questionnaires dealing with two written documents: 
    • text of an informational nature regarding France or the French-speaking world 
    • text of an argumentative nature


  • Taking a personal stand (contributing to a debate, formal letter, review of a film/book)


  • Conveying & defending an opinion based on a short document designed to elicit a reaction.

For better practice for your upcoming French exam, we have some handpicked DELF B2 Sample papers below that will help you boost your reading, writing, speaking, & listening skills.

Important Link:

There are specific exercises for each skill level, along with answers for you to keep a check on your improvement.

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