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DELF B1 Listening Sample Paper

Delf B1 Listening Sample Paper To Boost Your Communication Skills

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DELF B1 Listening Sample Papers Answers Keys

The DELF B1 exam is the third-level certification of the French language. It is an intermediate level, so you need to be more active & proficient in your skills compared to DELF A1 & A2 exams.

In the DELF B1 exam, you must communicate effortlessly in almost all everyday situations.

The B1 exam comprises 210 hours in which your listening, reading, writing and speaking skills will be evaluated on a stricter level.

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You will be asked to read & write tough comprehensions, listen & tell the more fluent & fast French dialogues, participate in discussions or conversations and hold it with your language knowledge.

If you get the DELF B1 certification, you will be able to get better work opportunities, especially if you are already in a French-speaking company or country.

Not only this, you can pursue higher studies with intermediate-level knowledge of French.

You can prepare for the DELF B1 exam by focusing on four crucial parts:

  • Oral Comprehension (Listening)
  • Reading Comprehension (Reading)
  • Written Production (Writing)
  • Oral Production (Speaking)

Each of these parts is scored out of 25, and you have to get atleast five in each to pass.

Apart from this, DELF Exam is not only for adults. Different types allow people of different ages & regions to take it.

Different Kinds Of DELF B1 Tests:

  • DELF Tous Publics: for Adults
  • DELF Junior: for school-going adolescents aged 12 to 17
  • DELF Scolaire: for school-going adolescents (teenagers) aged 12 to 17 
  • DELF Pro: for people who want to work in France or a French-speaking country.

Practice on your DELF B1 listening and speaking skills with the DELF B1 Listening Sample paper provided below.

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