DELF A2 Sample Papers with Answers | DELF Past Exam Papers PDF

DELF A2 Sample Papers with Answers

Want to prepare for the DELF A2 exam? Scroll through a selection of sample papers with answers.

Listen Exercises

French example of DELF A2 listening sample papers. Perfect for students looking for DELF A2 example papers that cover all the different acitivites in the test.

Exercise 1
Exercise 2
Exercise 3
Exercise 4

DELF A2 Sample Papers Answers Keys

DELF exams are standardized language tests in French. They can be taken as soon as you have completed your first year of French studies. Visit our page to find out more about DELF Exam, sample papers, maps and tips to pass the exam!

French, like English, is slowly becoming a global language. With more than 400 million active speakers, French is taking the world by storm.

Learning a new activity is always encouraged by scientists as it stimulates your brain and has positive effects on your mind & body.

Learning a new language like French will help not only you in personal growth but professional growth as well.

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To advance in your career, you can get certified as a French speaker by clearing the DELF EXAM.

The Education Ministry of France takes the DELF exam, which has six levels.

Level A2 is the primary beginner’s level that certifies that the holder can quickly speak, read, listen, and write basic French phrases and converse with a proficient French speaker.

The best and most efficient way to ensure you crack your second exam to proficiency in the French language is to practice hard and consistently.

Below are two DELF A2 level sample papers with answers and a few listening exercises to practice.

Go through each to boost your listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills for your upcoming test.

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