-Definite -Indefinite -Partitive

There are three different kinds of articles in the French language:

-Masculine -Feminine -Plural nouns

In all three categories, there are articles for

-noun -number -first letter

The usage of definite articles depends on the gender of the

-'le,' -Feminine is 'la -In front of a Vowel is 'I'' -plural is 'les.'

The Definite Article for Masculine is

while the plural corresponds to "some."

The indefinite articles in French correspond to "a," "an," or "one" in English,

-'un,' Feminine is 'une,' -In front of a Vowel is 'un/une' -plural is 'des.'

The Indefinite Article for Masculine is

"any" or "some" in English.

The French partitive articles correspond to 

-'du,' Feminine is 'de la' -In front of a Vowel is 'de I'' -plural is 'des.'

The Partitive Article for Masculine is

mainly food or drink. e.g., I ate salad yesterday

The partitive article indicates the unknown quality of something,